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January 17, 2013 / Stantonova

1/20 – Last Show at 229 Stanton St.

Stantonova will be relocating soon and will be hosting one last show at its current space. Join us for one last hurrah at 229 Stanton to send Stantonova off from its cradle and onto its next incarnation.

229 ne Stanton st.

RSVP on Facebook.



January 12, 2013 / Stantonova

1/16 – Little Lord Fauntleroy, Frizz, The Holy Child

Wednesday, January 16: Little Lord Fauntleroy, Frizz, The Holy Child.
At McMenamin’s White Eagle.
8pm, Free.

RSVP on Facebook.


Little Lord Fauntleroy


The Holy Child



December 26, 2012 / Stantonova

Stantonova to Leave Cradle on Stanton St.

Stantonova is a community of musicians living in a shared space working to support up-and-coming local musicians by showcasing their talent to the widest audience possible. What began as a house party at 229 Stanton in early spring with our friends bands performing in the basement, over the course of the year quickly evolved and flourished into one of the best house venues in Portland. Stantonova is a place where people come to feel included and see live music for free, with no pressure to do anything but sit cross-legged and listen, hang out around a warm fire, or just be themselves.


Due to unforeseen circumstances hinging on the flighty whim of our faceless landlord, we will no longer be able to rent the space after January 22, 2013. Still in good standing with our rental company we are setting out into the city of Portland in search of a new space that will even better fit our needs and the needs of the local musicians and music lovers of this city. Despite the inconvenient circumstances presented to us, we have been overcome with a renewed energy to continue the momentum Stantonova has collected and make it even better. We know that an unfortunate opportunity such as this will be the perfect growing tool to launch us to the next level of creativity and production. The show must go on!




And that’s where we need your help.


The people involved in bringing you these shows have dedicated countless hours this past year to producing, coordinating and maintaining the events here at Stantonova and the community that surrounds them. (That’s you guys!) The time spent and costs incurred in moving to a different space will be tremendous. Already we’ve had to cancel several amazing bills to give us the time to reconstruct the project after the move, and the shows confirmed in March may not happen unless this transition runs as smoothly as possible.


We’re asking you to support us in any way you can, to ensure another year of amazing shows. How can you do this?


We offer a pay-what-you-want option on our bandcamp for the past shows we offer for download. Take advantage of that pay-what-you-want service to donate a couple dollars to the cause, and get some awesome music out of it at the same time. The money goes towards the musicians whose music you’re donating to as well as Stantonova.

Word of Mouth:
If you haven’t already, tell someone about us! Tell them about the show you saw here, or your favorite aspect of the space. Tell them to like Stantonova on Facebook; Facebook “likes” in this age of 2013 directly translate to support. One more person contributing their presence and energy to the space makes all the difference. We wouldn’t have such fabulous evenings without all of you who show up and appreciate us appreciating you.

We will be continuing to put on shows at McMenamin’s White Eagle, so come out and buy a drink to help support the bands and Stantonova. RSVP here.

Have a truck? A big car? A little car? When we begin to move things we’re going to need lots of help transporting equipment and boxes and such. Even if you’re able to help out with one load, that’s one small bit of stress taken off our shoulders.


Additionally, if any of you know of a space in Portland that might suit our needs, please let us know about it. Any leads we have will help a lot as we go through the process of upgrading.


Stantonova will be bigger and better than ever in 2013, and that will only really made possible by all of you. Thanks so much!!!






Earth Minor

December 9, 2012 / Stantonova

12/19 – Smiley Get Dressed, BilgeRats and Pyrettes, The Magic Beets @ White Eagle

Wednesday, December 19: Smiley Get Dressed, BilgeRats and Pyrettes, The Magic Beets.
At McMenamin’s White Eagle.
8pm, Free.

RSVP on Facebook.


Smiley, Get Dressed

Smiley Get Dressed | Dancing In The Dark from Adam Fleck on Vimeo.


The Magic Beets


BilgeRats and Pyrettes